About Us

Ecare Billing Services is a top class medical billing company. We are a healthcare information technology solution provider for the hospitals and physician practices.  Our experienced medical billing team is trained to handle all the services included in the medical billing process using any software. We carry out Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Management and other related services including Transcription and Data Management.

We serve different healthcare entities – from administration to clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. We provide the best solutions to streamline operations with compliance with industry standards and best practices; to save time and effort and maximize the returns. Our business services enable our clients to meet the challenges in healthcare industry successfully.

We listen to our clients and are proud to serve them.

Our Mission & Vision


Ecare Billing Services improves your efficiency and streamline your workflows so that you can provide better patient care and create a pleasant environment for each patient visit.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of paper work for a medical staff and to increase efficiency, providing you an opportunity to grow. We seek to control costs, reduce errors, and strengthen understanding, and improve the quality of care. We create bridge between doctors and patients, hospitals and private practices, and insurance companies.

What would you get from us

At Ecare Billing Services, we believe that diverse work teams are smarter; they focus more on modernization and careful implementation of the facts which results in success. We empower our clients and employees to do what they do best.  You get a more productive workforce with new ideas that can offer more solutions to increase the productivity and revenue of your practice.

Why Choose Us

At Ecare Billing Services, you will gain


We manage revenue cycle so that you can handle patients.


Higher reimbursements and lower AR

Easy Implementation

We manage revenue cycle so that you can handle patients.

Cost Effectiveness

Lower costs and higher accelerated payments.


Detailed reporting to give you full control on your data.


EBS process claims in an average of 22 days.

Get paid faster

Fewer rejections and proper claims tracking.


Forget added costs and training, we will work on your existing system.


Maximize the profitability of private practices.


Insurance Verification Services.

New Medical Practice

Focus on patients instead of business administration.


We follow the guidelines of HIPAA.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide Practice Management and Medical Billing Services including Patient Billing, connection with

collection agency and many more to optimize outcomes, quality and returns.

There is no startup charge for medical billing and revenue management services.

We are most adjustable and inexpensive solution available in the industry. We give you an opportunity to work on the HER/PMS of your choice.

What Our Clients Says

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

Ready to Speed up your Medical Billing process


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United States of America.


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